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We are excited to announce that Co-native, the new Nordic group for cloud native specialist companies, has now launched. Co-native is the Nordics' first pure cloud native group. For cloud specialist service companies, we are the most attractive alternative for their future growth. To customers, we offer the best services for cloud and digital transformation.

Co-native stands for “co-operation of cloud native companies”. The group brings together companies that are masters in their cloud sectors – working together while remaining autonomous companies and brands.

The Nordic cloud services market is growing fast and is worth close to SEK 25 billion. There are many independent cloud native specialists, focused on different public cloud platforms and market segments like Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). While customer demand for cloud services is high, the smaller players have several bottlenecks limiting growth and potential. Co-native was started to build a group of autonomous cloud specialists to accelerate their growth while offering customers a complete range of cloud services and competencies.

By working together in a group, cloud specialist companies get the same financial resources as the big IT conglomerates to meet growing requirements, while continuing to be the agile, flexible and highly competent partners that customers want.

Co-native is co-founded by Fredrik Arnander – a tech entrepreneur and investor – together with Linus Lindström and Robin Kindberg – the founders of Xenit, a cloud specialist. They build Co-native on a long experience in the cloud industry and tech entrepreneurship.

“We are creating a group of cloud specialist companies that represent a wide range of services for customers' digital transformation. We share a cloud native culture and passion for delivering outstanding customer value”, says Fredrik Arnander, Executive Chairman, Co-native

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