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Get the power of cloud specialists

By working together in a group, cloud specialists get the same resources as the big IT-groups, while continuing to be the agile, flexible and highly competent partners that customers want. That’s why we started Co-native – a co-operation of cloud specialist companies, for the benefit for both specialists and customers. 

These are some of the advantages customers will get with the new cloud group

  • Customers keep their cloud specialist partner relationship​
  • They get broader and deeper multi-cloud services and products
  • Co-native can offer even more advanced cloud specialist competencies​
  • At the same time, the group have more resources for larger projects​
  • The specialists keep their own culture and brand in a the Co-native group​
  • And can offer customers even better local presence and attention​

Customer references

Co-native’s cloud specialist companies work with a wide range of enterprise customers, offering native cloud services and digital transformation. Here are two customer quotes from Xenit, a leading Microsoft Azure partner.

“Sustainability and long-term strategies are fundamentals on which we build our main partnerships. Xenit has proved to meet these requirements on a daily basis since we started our journey together.”
HSB Affärsstöd - Mikael Andreasson, Business Area Manager
“We need a partner that we can trust, a partner that truly understands us, our business and the importance of our operations.”
Capio Sverige - Daniel Olsson, CIO


Interested in joining Co-native? Let’s talk!

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