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Get the power of specialists

IT conglomerates are becoming bigger and bigger. Customers worry that their cloud specialist partners may disappear. Meanwhile, it’s harder for the smaller specialists to survive with increasing demands on scale, compliance and security. That’s why we started Co-native – a co-operation of cloud native specialist companies – to bring more value to both cloud specialist companies and customers. By working together in a group, cloud specialist companies get the same resources as the big IT-groups, while continuing to be the agile, flexible and highly competent partners that customers want.

These are some of the advantages customers will get with the new cloud group

  • Customers keep their cloud specialist partner relationship​
  • They get broader and deeper multi-cloud services and products
  • Co-native can offer even more advanced cloud specialist competencies​
  • At the same time, the group have more resources for larger projects​
  • The specialists keep their own culture and brand in a the Co-native group​
  • And can offer customers even better local presence and attention​

Customer references

Co-native’s cloud specialist companies work with a wide range of enterprise customers, offering native cloud services and digital transformation. Here are two customer quotes from Xenit, a leading Microsoft Azure partner.

“Sustainability and long-term strategies are fundamentals on which we build our main partnerships. Xenit has proved to meet these requirements on a daily basis since we started our journey together.”
HSB Affärsstöd - Mikael Andreasson, Business Area Manager
“We need a partner that we can trust, a partner that truly understands us, our business and the importance of our operations.”
Capio Sverige - Daniel Olsson, CIO


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