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We are pleased to announce that Buzzcloud, a leading AWS partner with cutting-edge expertise, joins Co-native, the new Nordic cloud specialist group. Buzzcloud adds deep Amazon competence, a strong culture, complementary customer base and geographic presence. Operating mainly from Stockholm with an office in Gothenburg, Buzzcloud serves top enterprise customers across the Nordics and grew +40% in 2022.

Buzzcloud offers a wide range of cloud-based services within AWS (Amazon Web Services) including consulting, architecture, advisory, migration and customer IT infrastructure, as well as development – custom made solutions built on top of customers’ existing AWS cloud platforms. As of 2022, Buzzcloud also provides managed cloud services, i.e. operations and maintenance of developed solutions, via investments into CloudOps with recurring revenues. Buzzcloud, with a well-established relationship to AWS, has reached Advanced Tier Services Partner thanks to solid customer and project credentials, specialist competence and several key certifications, both among staff and as a company. Co-native can now combine strong Microsoft Cloud and Amazon AWS competence to multi-cloud offerings.

As part of Co-native, Buzzcloud will retain their autonomy, specialist culture, organisation, corporate brand, management and customer relations. Co-native, meanwhile, will enable Buzzcloud to utilise group synergies to meet growing requirements for recruitment scale, compliance and security. Employees will continue to work in a cloud specialist company, and benefit from new group collaborations and additional career paths, while increasing their shares and ownership in Co-native.

“With Co-native, we have found the right partner for Buzzcloud and the natural next step for our company. There is both solid business understanding and cultural fit, based on entrepreneurship and cloud skills. Being part of Co-native, we can solve the bottlenecks that were obstacles to our growth, like recruitment, and combine the strength of the cloud specialist - expert competence, personal relations and flexibility - with the resources of a larger group”, says Tony Regnhamn, co-founder and CEO of Buzzcloud

“We are excited to welcome Buzzcloud to our group of cloud specialists, adding a strong people culture and exceptional AWS competence. Co-native’s ambition is to be the most attractive alternative for cloud specialist, and we are happy that Buzzcloud choose us for their future growth journey”, says Fredrik Arnander, Executive Chairman, Co-native

Contacts and more information

Fredrik Arnander, Executive Chairman, Co-native, +46 70 568 24 10,
[email protected]

Linus Lindström, CEO, Co-native, +46 76-622 68 02,
[email protected]

Johan Möllerström, Partner, Segulah VI Advisor AB, +46 72 543 79 11,
[email protected]

About Co-native

Co-native – “The Home of Nordic Cloud Specialists” – is the Nordics' first group of cloud specialist service providers, and an attractive alternative for their future growth. To customers, we offer the best solutions for cloud and digital transformation. Co-native was co-founded in 2022 by Fredrik Arnander – a tech entrepreneur and investor – together with Linus Lindström and Robin Kindberg – the founders of Xenit AB. They build Co-native on a strong experience of the cloud industry, tech entrepreneurship and investments. In 2022, Co-native joined forces with financial partner Segulah.

About Buzzcloud

Founded in 2018, Buzzcloud AB is part of the AWS (“Amazon Web Services”) Nordic partner program and a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, solutions provider and certified Public Sector Partner, providing specialised cloud consultancy and managed services based on AWS technology. Buzzcloud – with the tagline “Intelligent AWS Adoption” – operates mainly in the Stockholm region but also through a branch office in Gothenburg.

About Segulah

Segulah, with the mission statement “We Invest in the Backbone of Modern Society”, is a private equity firm focused on mid-market buyouts in the Nordic region, investing within three verticals – B2B services, IT & technology services and light manufacturing – areas where team members have a long-standing and proven track record. Opportunities are targeted in markets benefitting from macro trends relevant for the Nordic region. The business model builds on active ownership adding capital, industrial competence and strategic focus. Segulah Advisor AB is the exclusive investment advisor to the funds Segulah IV, Segulah V and Segulah VI.

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