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An attractive alternative

If you are a cloud specialist company, we believe we can offer you the most attractive alternative for your future growth journey. Together we create energy, growth and great customer offerings. Join us in an exciting, fun and rewarding journey.

Some of the advantages with Co-native

  • Keep your cloud specialist partner relationship​
  • Get broader and deeper multi-cloud services and products
  • Even more advanced cloud specialist competencies​
  • At the same time more resources for larger projects​
  • We keep our specialist culture in a our group​
  • Offering even better local presence and attention

Your main growth alternatives

  • No exit, no cash to founders
  • Keep current ownership
  • Obstacles to growth remains
  • Higher risk
  • Your brand, team and culture
  • Entrepreneurial & Cloud culture
  • Full exit, cash to founders
  • Usually no ownership
  • Grow as part of new owner
  • Lower risk
  • Buyers’ brand and culture
  • Traditional & general IT culture
  • Partial exit, cash to founders
  • Keep minority ownership
  • Accelerate growth as platform
  • Lower risk
  • Your brand, team and culture
  • Investment & financial culture
  • Partial exit, cash to founder
  • Become owner in the group
  • Accelerate growth solve obstacles
  • Lower risk
  • Your brand, team and culture
  • Entrepreneurial & cloud culture
  • Join us

The value of co-operating

The cloud specialist companies we meet have great teams, excellent know-how and strong potential. But growth is often limited by bottlenecks like people, sales, finance and resources. Co-native can solve your bottlenecks and accelerate the growth.


Co-workers & Recruitment

  • Scaling-up recruitment and invest in people
  • Trainee programs and continuous learning
  • Attractive career paths in a larger group
  • Stronger brand for talents and recruitment

Sales & Marketing

  • Budget for marketing and events
  • Group-wide sales organisation Pooling resources for larger customer projects
  • Broader group portfolio of services and offerings

Finance & Capital

  • Capital for growth and new initiatives
  • Group ownership and staff incentives
  • Lower financial risk and owner liquidity
  • Investments in own products and IP

Systems & Resources

  • ERP & CRM system for operations, finance, data and clients
  • Group legal resources for compliance and regulatory
  • Group-wide 24/7 Security Operations Center
  • Shared tools and methods for service development

How to become a co-owner

Co-native buys your cloud specialist company

We offer a fast process, efficient due diligence and market-level valuation.

You re-invest in the Co-native group

You make a partial exit and get cash. Part of your proceeds is re-invested in the Co-native group.

You are now a co-owner in the Co-native group

You and key people in your company become owners. We continue the growth journey together.

Going forward, group companies are independent

  • You operate under your own brand
  • Your own CEO & management
  • Your unique competencies and services
  • Your customer relationships

What we are looking for

We want to invite like-minded people and companies to join our family. The companies we look for deliver services on the public clouds Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). They are typically owner-led and entrepreneurial with a strong cloud native culture. We also think you want more and have the ambition to capture your full market potential.

Skills & Culture

  • A strong and skilled leadership team
  • Mastery in Azure, AWS, Google Cloud or other expert areas
  • Native cloud culture with talented specialists

Your financials

  • You are profitable and growing
  • Sales is typically 10-100 MSEK (1-10 MEUR)
  • High and growing share of recurring revenue

The value-add you bring

  • Adding customer base that we can offer our services to
  • Adding market position in a new region or country
  • Adding services and products that are strategic


  • You are based in Sweden, Finland, Norway or Denmark
  • We find you both in the big cities, or smaller towns
  • You are simply located where you want to work from
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Are you the next company in Co-native? Let’s talk!

Are you a cloud specialist company active in Azure, AWS or GCP? We would like to get in touch with you. Our process for joining Co-native is straightforward. The first step is an introductory meeting to get to know each other. If everything feels right for everybody, you get a proposal from us.